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Two girls sitting on the boot of a car by the beach with their luggage ready to go on holiday.

Contact lenses are great for travelling. These travel tips will ensure your journey goes as smoothly as possible.


The dry air of an aircraft cabin can dehydrate your eyes and make your contact lenses less comfortable than usual. ACUVUE® brand contact lenses are designed to retain their moisture to help keep your eyes comfortable, fresh and moist even in this challenging environment, however for long haul flights you may wish to consider wearing glasses that will also allow you to doze off.
Ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible with these useful tips:

  • Carry a bottle or individual doses of rewetting drops to relieve dry eyes and drink lots of water to keep as hydrated as possible.
  • Remove your contact lenses if you want to sleep
  • If wearing daily disposable contact lenses, consider applying a fresh pair of lenses when you reach your destination.
  • If you are travelling to a sunny spot an or skiing, be sure to read all about how to help protect your eyes from the sun (link to UV blocking benefits)
  • Remember to be cautious around water when wearing lenses


When planning for your trip, following these helpful tips will ensure traveling with contact lenses is a smooth enjoyable experience.

Try daily disposable contact lenses as this means you don’t have to carry around solutions and lens cases. Even if you normally wear reusable lenses, ask your optician about trying daily disposables, which now are available for most prescriptions.

If you wear reusable contact lenses, bring an extra pair or two in case you lose or damage your current pair. And opt for a travel size bottle of contact lens solution and rewetting drops.

Keep essentials in your hand luggage, to avoid them getting lost in transit. This includes spare contact lenses, your glasses, contact lens case and travel-size solution, as well as rewetting drops. Make sure to put your solution in a zip-lock bag in case of leakage.


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