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Want to Know More About the Benefits of Contact Lenses?

Whether you have been wearing prescription glasses for years or have just discovered that your vision needs correcting, contact lenses are a great choice for clear, stable vision. The great thing about contact lenses is that they fit around you, whatever your lifestyle. Here are a few practical benefits of contact lenses:

A rainy and busy day in the city A rainy and busy day in the city


Active Lifestyle

Contact lenses can be a good choice for playing sports or exercising. Unlike glasses, they won’t bounce around or steam up and you don’t need to worry about them falling off either. Smudges and splashes are a thing of the past; with contact lenses you can enjoy clear, stable vision no matter what the weather or your chosen sport. Contact lenses are also great if you need to wear sunglasses, goggles or head gear for your activities.

Field of vision

Contact lenses move with your eye to give you a full field of vision, meaning you can spot things out of the corner of your eye without the frame of your glasses interfering, or your glasses steaming up or getting splashed. Whatever the weather, contact lenses will help keep your vision clear wherever you go.

Hassle Free

Contact lenses help you see clearly without needing to think twice about it after you have put them on. No need to remember carrying reading glasses with you just in case you need to read a menu, or worry about wiping your glasses down if they steam up or get dirty. Lost and broken glasses as well as prescription sunglasses will all be a thing of the past along with the costs of replacing them.

Natural look

Glasses can be a great accessory to create a certain look or to complete a style, but if you prefer a natural look without frames then contact lenses are ideal. You can choose to wear lenses on a daily basis or to alternate with glasses, or to wear them on special occasions and holidays when you don’t want frames to define your look. Contact lenses are also great when you want to show off your eye make-up or wear your favourite sunglasses.


Although glasses require less upkeep, when you do lose or break them, they can be costly to replace.


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