Listen to professional footballer Joe Cole talk about football, his history of vision correction, and the significant impact that wearing ACUVUE® brand contact lenses has on his performance.
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Professional Football player and ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lens wearer, Joe Cole boasts an international career and is renowned for bringing his technically gifted skills to the pitch. However, unbeknown to his many fans he has played in contact lenses for 12 years.

For footballers it is key to have great eye and ball coordination skills: the ability to pick a pass and to score those winning goals. Joe Cole explains, “as a midfielder your peripheral vision is massively important. Wearing contact lenses really opened up the pitch for me, improving my ability to spot passes, see runs from team mates and identify tactical opportunities with my passes. What is more, my ACUVUE® contact lenses have not only improved my confidence on the pitch, but off the pitch too.”

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