Of all the countries outside of the USA, Ireland is unique in that it has its own manufacturing facility - Vistakon.

Our Limerick plant manufactures many of the ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lens ranges for Ireland and the UK, as well as for far-reaching markets across the globe.

Open and operational since 1996, manufacturing at Vistakon goes on around the clock and produces over seven billion lenses annually.

Quality products exported around the world

All of our products are manufactured to rigorous parameter specifications. The production process is fully automated from start to finish, ensuring that our lenses are untouched by human hand.

Since our final product is in constant contact with people’s eyes, our staff perform stringent quality and hygiene checks throughout.

The main objective of each Vistakon Ireland employee is to provide you with a quality product that’s available where and when you need it

Here is a list of some of the ACUVUE® Contact Lenses that are sold in Ireland and made at the Vistakon plant in Limerick:

  • 1-DAY ACUVUE® TruEye®

However, a wider range of ACUVUE® products is exported worldwide, predominantly to Japan, followed by Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

Every time you buy ACUVUE® Contact Lenses, you are contributing to this Irish success story and supporting the local community.

Support the Irish. Buy ACUVUE® Contact Lenses.

Made in Ireland