Refer to your optician for your prescription details

Contact lenses must fit your clinical needs and preferences as well as your lifestyle. They should be prescribed by an optician who will carry out a professional examination of your eyes and advise on which type of lens will be best for you. The optician will make sure your contact lenses fit well, are comfortable and address your needs.

It is important that you visit your optician for an eye test before buying contact lenses for the first time or changing the type of lenses you are wearing. Let your optician know about your needs and they will suggest the best contact lenses for your eyes. Think about your necessities and lifestyle as different types of contact lenses require different amounts of care: daily disposable or reusable lenses.

Once you have your contact lens prescription, you have several options. Your optician can provide you with contact lenses or offer home delivery. Alternatively, you can buy ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses from an optician store or online. Even though buying contact lenses online may be faster and more convenient, we strongly recommend that you refer to your optician first to know your contact lens prescription details.

Tips and advice:

Your optician tailored your prescription specifically to your eye shape and vision needs. If you choose to buy contact lenses online:

Make sure that you have a recent contact lenses prescription.

Buy the exact type and brand of contact lenses prescribed by your optician.

Your vision may change over time. It is important to have regular check-ups with your optician at least every 12 months.

If you experience any problems, we strongly recommend you consult with your optician first. They are the best source of advice.

If your contact lenses become uncomfortable or you notice your eyesight deteriorating, don’t wait for your next appointment – book an appointment with your optician as soon as you can.