Symptoms, causes and remedies

The environment you live or work in can affect the health of your eyes. If you spend time in heated, air-conditioned or windy environments, or if you work in front of digital devices, you might experience dry eye symptoms, a short-term eye condition. Changing your environment, blinking and taking regular breaks from the computer screen are likely to help your eyes feel less dry and more comfortable.

However, if the cause of your dry eyes is not linked to environmental causes, you might suffer from a dry eye condition; this occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tears or they evaporate too quickly and cannot provide adequate moistness.

In most cases, simple treatments and a few lifestyle changes can alleviate dry eye symptoms.


Dry eye symptoms may include any of the following:

  • Eye irritation due to a prolonged sensation of dryness or soreness
  • Sandy or “gritty” feeling as if something is stuck in the eye
  • Surprisingly, watery eyes
  • Episodes of blurred vision

When prolonged and recurring, these same symptoms might be signs of a dry eye condition, a chronic, yet common, long-term eye condition. In this case, you should seek the advice of your optician. He or she will be able to look at potential underlying reasons that may be causing your eyes to feel dry.


Most cases of dry eyes are caused because the tears are not ‘lasting’ in the eye – either because they are evaporating away too quickly, or because the tear film is unstable. However, dry eye causes due to tear evaporation influenced by the surrounding environment and your lifestyle. Dry eye symptoms can also occur if you:

  • spend time in air-conditioned, heated or windy environments
  • work long hours with digital devices
  • wear contact lenses and tend to leave them in for the whole day


Eye drops, lubricant ointments, artificial ‘tears’ in the form of gels can be good ways to ease dry eye symptoms instantly.

In addition, there are certain lifestyle changes that you can make which may prevent or reduce dry eye symptoms. At ACUVUE® we suggest:

  • Avoid dry, dusty environments and cigarette smoke
  • Keeping your eyes comfortable in front of the computer by taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes and blinking regularly
  • Using a humidifier to moisten the air in your living environment
  • Eating the right food for healthy eyes­ and drinking plenty of water

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If dry eye symptoms persist, seek the advice of your optician. Your optician is the best source of information to find a cause and a treatment.